UCISA CISG-PCMG Conference 2018

Last week I attended the UCISA conference for the Corporate Information Systems Group (CISG) and Project and Change Management Group (PCMG) in Glasgow.

This year’s theme was the foundations for change. As universities try to deliver more with less under growing pressure, the building blocks that have stood out for me were: culture, compliance, data, security, enterprise architecture and agility. Without these fundamentals, change is built on shaky foundations & hard to sustain.

Mind map summarising themes of OCISA CISG-PCMG18 conference.

I haven’t had time to reflect on the conference and write a longer article like last year, but I took notes from each session as a mind map and I’ve collated these into a single PDF to summarise the conference.  These are  visual notes, so I’ve also provided markdown versions should anyone want them as structured text.  If you  prefer an alternative format please let me know.

Conference resources: